Sumac Geomatics Services

At Sumac Geomatics, we strive to provide a complete stack of survey, mapping and reference data that underpins the activities of Sustainable Forest Management. Our services have a track record in providing near-real-time monitoring solutions to projects across Northern Ontario and beyond.

Sumac is a leader in the adoption of new and innovative technologies, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones), cutting-edge sensor systems, stereo 3D image analysis and interpretation, and LiDAR, for collecting mapping data efficiently across remote areas. Sumac is leading the industry movement towards best-in-class data products and inventories. Our teams have continuously upgraded their skills over 30 years of experience to provide the best solution to our clients.

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Forest Inventory

Sumac Geomatics is a leading provider of forest inventory design and execution. We work with our clients to define their requirements (scope, resolution, time lines and budget), to design a stratification and sampling program that yields accurate results.

We regularly undertake data collection and analysis procedures that conform to methods such as:

  • Enhanced Forest Resource Inventory (eFRI),
  • National Forest Inventory (NFI),
  • Operational inventory and volumetric sampling (FiDEX) procedures