Permanent Forest Inventory Ground Plots (PFIGP)


Since 2011 Sumac has been undertaking a major growth and yield project for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource and Forestry to located, establish and remeasure 1100 Permanent Forest Inventory Ground Plots (PFIGP).

Growth and Yield and Forest Inventory are empirical branches of forest science that attempt to describe, understand and predict the growth, composition and productivity of forest stands through time. Forest resource managers require accurate growth and yield information as well as current forest inventory data as a prerequisite to sustainable forestry.

The growth of a forest can be estimated directly by taking repeated measurements on various ecosystem elements, such as tree heights and diameters. PFIGPs are located on a systematic grid of random points within the inventory zone, and provide a statistically sound sample of the forest conditions across Ontario. They employ a methodology that is compatible with the National Forest Inventory ground plot design, and utilize the national 20X20km grid.