White River Hydro Water Flow Modeling

Gitchi Animki

The White River Hydro Facility is located on the White River approximately 50 km south of the Town of White River in Northern Ontario. The facility was built as a joint venture between Regional Power the Pic Mobert First Nation. There are two separate generation sites: Gitchi Animki Bezhig (Upper) and Gitchi Animki Niizh (Lower) that are located 10 km apart from each other. (source: www.regionalpower.com/work/gitchi-animki)

Working with Northern Bioscience Ecological Consulting, Sumac was contracted to provide multiple UAV flights over each dam site to model high water levels for various flow rates.  To complete the project, Sumac deployed its Matrice 100 UAV to capture 2.5 cm aerial imager. Ground control was obtained using Real Time Kinematic GPS and Propeller Aeropoints.  Post processing and delineation of high water marks was completed using ArcGIS.