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Services by Industry

photo documentation construction


Construction photo documentation saves time and reduces risk. Find out about our online documentation and interactive photo tours.

image of facilities management

Facilities Management

Manage facilities visually by viewing high resolution interactive photo tours. We visually document rooms, floors, mechanical and electrical.

photo documentation for civil

Civil Infrastructure

View interactive photo records of civil infrastructure. We photograph or laser scan buildings, roads, bridges, schools and more. Access visual documentation online.

industrial photo documentation

Industrial Plants & Inspection

Get online access to plant and industrial assets. View photo tours of plant buildings, machinery, plumbing and electrical.

photo documentation mechanical

Mechanical Design

Speed up mechanical design and prototyping with our laser scan to model services. View 3D models and collaborate with team members online.

visual documentation

Visual Effects & CGI

Enhance architectural design with 3D laser scanning and laser scan to 3D model services. Get accurate measurements in 3 dimensions for animation and movie effects.